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Why Beeswax Lip Balm & Accessories?

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The Beginnings
Clearly Nature Company started as a small venture to provided honey for family and a few neighbors. Over time it was evident that there was a lot more to beekeeping than simply harvesting honey. Beeswax from the hive became a valuable byproduct. In an effort to take advantage of the beeswax we began experimenting with different formulas for lotions and lip balms and developed a lip balm recipe that we fell in love with.
We began production on a small scale for family and friends and quickly found that we could not keep up with the demand of those who also loved any one of our 6 flavors of lip balm. Now with the help of one of our local Utah companies we are able to produce and sell our lip balm to anyone interested in trying the best lip balm around.
Our Belief For the Future
We believe in family and in small business, that's why we're continuing as a family run small business, but that doesn't mean little results, poor quality or supply issues. We're continuing to build Clearly Nature into a company that supports sustainable natural solutions.

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